Independent Spirits Spread Like Bad Diseases


  • Handled all gameplay programming in Unity C#
    • Modeled puzzles and check for completion
    • Created JSON format to input puzzles
    • Raycast collision system for drag on drop pieces
  • Synthesized ideas of Epic Theater and Verfremdungseffeckt with videogame design
    • Researched the theories of Bertolt Brecht
    • Purposefully exposed internal systems in order to distance the player from the game
  • Designed as an overt opinion piece criticizing religious indoctrination of children
  • Iterated on design after feedback from playtesters
  • Used Trello for task management and Github for source control

Independent Spirits was created in 10 weeks for my Honors Thesis at DePaul University. Brian Schrank was my thesis director and Anna Souchuk was my second reader.