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I worked on a team during Global Game Jam 2014 at DePaul University to develop aVoid in the Unity Game Engine. I helped design and implement core gameplay components such as character controls, the camera, visual effects, game feel and level transitions. I communicated closely with other programmer and designers on the 4 person team. I did a little bit of everything to get this project completed within the 48 hour timeframe.

The core of the game is that in order to end the game, the player has to fight their instincts and assumptions about what the end goal is. As the player walks away from the assumed goal, the game also fights back against the player, making the music more tense, slowing them down and trying to turn them back towards the goal.

The main core of what I implemented was (1) how the game feel changes when the player walks away from the light and (2) the game flow and levels.

Changing Game Feel

I worked with the designers on our team to come up with game feel changes to reflect the difficulty of walking away from the perceived goal. We had many more ideas and I put into three categories: Audio, Visual and Mechanics. Within the time frame, I wanted to implement at least one from each category. In the end we had these:

  • Audio
    • Music becomes more layered and tense
  • Visuals
    • Screen darkens to black
    • Light fades away
  • Mechanics
    • Walking away from the light is slower
    • The camera tries to rotate back around to look at the light

Game Flow and Levels

I implemented the menu at the beginning, the transition to the credits scene after the fade to black and the credits scene itself. The credits scene is a full 3D level with the same controls as the main game. After the presentation of all the games at the end of the game jam, some of the other participants said that the credits scene was the coolest part.

I also implemented the “cheat codes” to navigate the game. Press R to restart the game. Press 1 to skip to the credits and Press 2 to go to see the unfinished maze generation that the other programmer on the team worked on.

Play on Game Jolt

Source Code on GitHub


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