Hello! I am a videogame developer living in Chicago, IL. I majored in Computer Game Development with a concentration in Gameplay Programming at DePaul University. I consider myself mainly a gameplay programmer, but I’m not afraid to work on backend systems.

I’ve been making games since I was a kid. At my childhood home in the Chicago suburbs, I would draw out board games on paper or print out card games with graphics drawn in Microsoft Paint and make up rules to go with them. In high school I realized how good I was at programming and decided that pursuing that would allow me to actualize the games that I liked to make. I chose to go to DePaul because they have an impressive Game Development department and facilities. I love to challenge myself to learn and improve, and DePaul encouraged me to do just that.

When I’m not programming games I’m cooking, reading, playing Crusader Kings 2, playing tabletop RPGs, or flying quadrocopters with Air DePaul. I’m a night owl and I often stay up until 1AM working on games. Music really helps me get into the zone and get things done. I’ve recently been listening to The Struts, Twenty One Pilots and Miike Snow. I dream of publishing a great tabletop RPG. The main advice I’d give to someone who wanted to be a gameplay programmer is to take yourself seriously and finish games.


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