Word Chain Dev Log #1

Blah This year I’m taking a week to rest between finishing up Spring quarter at DePaul and starting my second internship at NetherRealm. I’ve been dying to make a game I’m calling Word Chain and now I finally have some time to do it. It’s based on the game show Chain Reaction and has an interface similar to Fibbage. I started a bit of work on it last week during finals but today is the first day of more concentrated work.

I’m using a library called HappyFunTimes and it takes care of getting the game onto players’ phones or laptops. I’ve been picking up Javascript, HTML and CSS as I go, spending most of my time in Javascript. I’m not concentrating on writing good code. I’m treating this like a game jam. My main goal is to have a fun playable game at the end of the week.

At the beginning of today the game looked like this:

Word Chain Game Screen 0

And at the end of today it looks like this:

Word Chain Game Screen Day 1

After today the player can select to add a letter to the top or bottom word and then guess that word, very similar to Chain Reaction. The hardest things I did today were getting the game to read in word chains from a json file and getting everything to work right with being able to play on the top or bottom words.

Tomorrow I’ll be aiming to take care of managing whose turn it is and how to deal with players leaving and joining. HappyFunTimes games are designed so that any number of players is supported and players can leave and join at any time so it may be a bit of a challenge.


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