Mortal Kombat X / MKX Enhanced Online Beta / Mortal Kombat XL

I worked as an Associate Software Engineer on the Gameplay Programming team at NetherRealm Studios on Mortal Kombat X.

  • Designed and implemented gameplay features
  • Performed maintenance on the codebase
  • Created internal tools in Python
  • Performed key work for deployment of Enhanced Online Beta
  • Large team project in C++ using perforce
  • More Details



Godlands is a third person action platformer with parenting mechanics. It was a team project developed for my Game Dev Capstone.

  • Owned and managed complex gameplay systems
  • Designed core systems such as managing the spirit children and the end game logic
  • Team Unity C# project using git
  • More Details

Independent Spirits Spread Like Bad Diseases


Independent Spirits is a puzzle game that argues against religious indoctrination of children. I worked on it as my Honors Thesis at DePaul and it synthesized the theories of Bertolt Brecht with videogame design.

  • Included design techniques of epic theater and the verfremdungseffekt
  • Purposefully made players conscious that they were playing a game
  • Solo Unity C# project using git
  • More Details


More details

Waterline is a small fast paced game about plugging up holes in an underwater building as the water level keeps increasing.  It was completed in about 6 weeks for a class at DePaul University.

  • Handled all level design, sound design and gameplay code.
  • Solo Unity C# project using git
  • More Details

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